Postdoctoral Position – social welfare systems and social movements in Brazil and Turkey

Divulgando edital de possível interesse aos pesquisadores da Economia Solidária brasileira…

Postdoctoral Position at Koç University Social Policy Center

Koç University Social Policy Center in Istanbul, Turkey is offering a one-year position of postdoctoral research fellowship starting September 2014.  The researcher will be part of a historical comparative sociological research project on the relationship between social welfare systems and social movements in Brazil and Turkey. This project is funded by the European Commission’s Marie Curie Program.
The role of the researcher will be twofold: (i) Creating a social movements database on Brazil between 1970-2014 using online newspaper archives, (ii) Examining social policy laws and law making procedures using the online parliamentary archives in Brazil.
Applicants should have completed a doctoral degree in sociology, political science or a related social science discipline by the start date of the research. Being a native Portuguese speaker is a requirement and Brazilian citizens are especially welcome to apply.
Project coordinator Dr. Erdem Yoruk will be in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro between April 3 and 13 to meet up with candidates.
The researcher will be provided with a competitive salary, on-campus housing, round-trip airfare to Istanbul, private health insurance, and coverage of lunch. Applicants should send their resumes to Dr. Erdem Yoruk via
Koç University is an endowed, non-profit institution of higher education, located in Istanbul, Turkey. Social Policy Center at Koç University aims at developing research and applied research projects on social policy and increasing public awareness on social policy issues in Turkey. Koç University is highly reputable and has attracted accomplished, high-caliber researchers from all over the world. The vast majority (97%) of 400 faculty members received their Ph.D. degrees from the most highly selective and reputable universities in the world, mostly from the United States and Europe. Times Higher Education has ranked Koç University 31st in the world among universities younger than 50.

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